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Coronavirus Emergency Broadcast Podcast

The coronavirus is here! What can you do during this difficult time? Who's to blame? These questions and more will be answered in this CORONAVIRUS EMERGENCY BROADCAST PODCAST!

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Jeffrey Epstein is Still Alive

Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself... because he's actually still alive! AJ puts on his tin foil hat and explains his reasoning for this seemingly outlandish conspiracy theory.

Also, radio ads suck and AJ brainstorms how to market the podcast.


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The Lonely Hearts Special

Single guys don't always appreciate how good they have it on Valentine's Day.

Also discussed: Is NoFap bunk, or based? The results of AJ's NoFap Experiment are in! Then, the rage dial gets turned up to 11 as AJ goes off about self-aggrandizing e-thots and Healthy At Every Size.


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Holidays, Lines, Mandalorians, and NoFap

What sucks about the holidays? Find out in the very first episode of Delusions of Grandeur!

Also discussed: Waiting in lines sucks, the Mandalorian is great, and I'm doing an experiment to see if NoFap is Bunk or Based.


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